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A different kind of history...

Part of a 1778 map of what is now the southeastern United States, printed in London.

A red ‘X” has been added to show our approximate location. (Original map from the Nippers’ Collection.)

Seriously….Conway is about midway between Toad Suck and Pickle’s Gap, Arkansas.

About us...

Bowmanstone Press, LLC, is a micro-publisher located in Conway, Arkansas.   The company was founded in 2007 by us, Will and Debbie Nipper.

We have a simple, three-fold mission:

1.) To help friends & family turn their writing ambitions into finished literary works.

2.) To publish only high-quality, interesting books and electronic media.

3.) To be environmentally responsible in all our endeavors.

Between us, we have nearly 50 years of professional  experience at turning abstract ideas into meaningful communications, including nearly 25 years in marketing and market research.

Contact us...

Please write to us at:

Bowmanstone Press

1040 Autumnwood Drive

Conway, Arkansas 72034-6036,

Call us at 501.514.0785  or

Email us at

A few words about privacy and information security...

Bowanstone Press is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your information and we will make every effort we can to do so.  Any personal information, including email addresses,  that you provide will be used by us exclusively to enable fulfillment of your orders or to provide you with information that you have requested.  We do not share your information with others and you will receive no unsolicited communications from us.  We rely on a secure third-party service to accept sensitive financial information.  That information is not captured by us nor is it returned to us.    We may, in the future, publish a free email newsletter.  If we do, you will be given an opportunity on this Web site for indicating whether you would like to receive it.

In case you’ve wondered about our name...

We are named for Mrs. Bowmanstone, Will’s imaginary childhood friend.  She lives outside of Beebe, Arkansas, on Cypress Creek Road with her imaginary dog, Cabbageholder

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